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Anti slip treatment for Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone and Concrete from Grip Guard Non Slip

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Anti slip floor safety treatment, available from Grip Guard Non Slip , provides a long-term solution to the dangers of slippery floors in the home, workplace and in community spaces.

Most floors are relatively slip resistant when they are dry, however, when they become wet they can become dangerously slippery.

Surface absorbency determines how slippery smooth profile flooring will become in wet conditions. The degree of slip resistance on smooth profile floors (when wet) is dictated by the extent of moisture absorbency the surface allows under pressure. The less absorbent the surface, the more the liquid will build up under the pressure of pedestrians feet causing the feet to aquaplane across the surface.

Grip Guard's anti slip floor safety treatment will modify the dimensions of the pore structures in a controlled way to improve wet floor slip resistance. The chemical blend finds its way into the existing pore structure and modifies the pores over a period of time. Grip Guard treatment leaves most surfaces looking just as they did prior to treatment, unlike etching processes that eat into the surface itself and roughen the texture.

The floor can be maintained as per normal to provide a long lasting safety improvement as the permanent modification is done to only the uppermost pore structures.

Grip Guard anti slip floor treatment is installed by trained Grip Guard operators and floors are ready to walk on immediately after treatment.

Grip Guard anti slip treatment is available throughout Australia as well as selected regional areas and New Zealand.

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