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Anti-slip solutions from Grip Guard Non Slip

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OH&S regulations, as well as Australian Building Codes require that floor surfaces have the correct anti-slip rating to ensure pedestrian safety.

Slip and fall injuries are one of the main health and safety risks in the community and the most expensive occupational health and safety cost of business and industry.

85% of all slip and fall accidents in Australia are preventable. With this in mind, Grip Guard Non Slip has been providing good quality anti-slip solutions to Australians in the private, commercial, industrial and government sectors for almost ten years.

There are three important steps that individuals and businesses can take to ensure that pedestrian surfaces are anti-slip:

  • Arrange a floor safety inspection: Grip Guard Non Slip operators offer an obligation-free inspection which includes slip resistance testing using an ASM slip meter. This test measures the co-efficient of friction (anti-slip qualities) of the floor surface. This allows those in responsible for safety to ascertain whether their floors do, in fact, have anti-slip qualities that allows them to meet OH&S guidelines and Australian Building Code
  • Obtain expert advice on floor safety solutions: If floor surfaces are found to be below the recommended co-efficient of friction, Grip Guard Non Slip operators can provide quality solutions for every floor surface
  • Ask for a warranty: After treatment, Grip Guard Non Slip operators provide a warranty which documents the slip resistance of the pedestrian surface both before and after treatment
  • Maintain the anti-slip surface: After treatment, it is essential that floor surfaces are kept thoroughly cleaned so that dirt/grime/grease are not allowed to accumulate on the surface as these contaminants can interfere with the anti-slip properties of the treated floor surface
  • Arrange regular floor safety inspections: Grip Guard Non Slip operators can provide periodic inspections including repeated slip testing to provide clients with assurance that slip resistance has been maintained

Grip Guard Non Slip also offers anti-slip access solutions including tactiles (tactile ground surface indicators) and stair nosings/treads.

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