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Three phase axial blower heaters from Grimwood Heating

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Grimwood Heating’s  three phase centrifugal fan models incorporate a fan speed control, which provides continuously variable air volumes between maximum and minimum speeds.

Noise levels of the fan are relatively low, enabling these fan heaters to be used for comfort heating and ventilation in a variety of commercial and industrial situations as well as process heating applications up to 18kW.

These units can be coupled to a duct system or, if desired mounted on a strong wall / ceiling bracket.

  • Powerful 2.5A 240V motor delivering up to 2400m³/hr
  • Fan speed control unit, enabling the volume of air delivered to be continuously varied down to approximately 700m³/hr. This also varies air throw and air temperature when used in heating mode.
  • Over-temperature safety cut-out and manual reset button. (Temperature of intake air should not exceed 50° C)
  • Internal wiring and contactors complete, ready for mains connection
  • Finned air heating elements for rapid heat dissipation. Elements rated at 240V for 3 Phase, 4 Wire star connection
  • Air throw of FL13 Blowers is approximately 20 metres at maximum speed
  • Dimensions 700mm long, 450mm high, 360mm wide and weighs approximately 30kg

Grimwood three phase axial fan heaters create minimum draught, but have maximum resistance to physical impact (school halls, sports area, etc.).

While ideal for on /off operation in fix and forget installations, their simplicity means that they can also be flexibly employed in many industrial heating situations up to 20kW.

Axial Fan Blower heaters in this series are of heavy duty robust construction, are simple to operate and have the following features:

  • Fixed speed axial fan power by a 415 volt motor
  • Delivers approximately 2250 cubic metres of air per hour under free air conditions
  • Over-temperature safety cut-out with automatic reset is included.
  • Fitted with adjustable front grille and protective rear grille
  • Finned air heating elements for rapid heat dissipation. Elements rated at 240 volts for 3 phase, 4 wire star connection
  • Pairs of brackets available (optional extras) for mounting either to wall, or ceiling with heater inverted
  • While normally used with an on/off switch, these units lend themselves to connection through a thermostat and contactor for specific applications
  • Dimensions 400mm long x 580mm high, 432mm wide
  • Weight 24kg approximately
  • Air throw of Three Phase Axial Blower Heaters is approximately 12 metres, resulting from a constant air velocity of metres/sec.

The single phase 3kW fan heater is a robust, practical way to heat shops, classrooms, workshops and offices. It is designed to be both efficient and attractive. Separate power connections for the fan and heater allow thermostatic control.

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