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Grimwood Heating has extended the range of Robertshaw Level Controls now available through its national distributor network.

Grimwood offers Robertshaw RF capacitance level control for virtually any substance in any type of vessel. Solid state, digital designs offer on/off and continuous level measurement in all types of vssels. Grimwood's Robertshaw cutting edge level instrumentation can accurately measure conductive or non-conductive liquids and granular materials.

Grimwood's Robertshaw microprocessor based instruments feature patented PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) transmitter technology. With this technology, the transmitters convert the probe signal to a variable period digital pulse output. These pulses are transmitted via two ordinary wires (up to one and a half kilometer transmission capability) to the microprocessor controller.

The microprocessor manipulates the pulses and provides a 4-20 mADC signal, relay actuation for alarm, or both, depending on the particular model. No primary power lines are required as the unit is powered by the same two wires that transmit the pulse to the controller. Set point data is easily entered via a simple toggle switch, push button, or keypad (depending on model), thereby eliminating the need for tools and providing consistent results regardless of operator skill. Robertshaw level instrumentation accurately gauges liquids, powders, granular, lump and flake materials.

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