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Robertshaw Unitrol Gas Water Heating Control

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The Robertshaw Unitrol 220R Series Gas Water Heating Control combines all the functions to provide for the safe operation of domestic storage water heaters.  

The Unitrol 220R Gas Water Heating Control consists of six main functions. They are:

  • Control knob/reset button to ignite pilot gas so that the main burner can be safely lit.
  • Safety magnet assembly that is held open by the thermocouple in the pilot flame.
  • Pressure regulators to provide an even pressure to main and pilot burners.
  • Water temperature adjustment to allow variation of the hot water supply.
  • Temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the water in the heater.
  • Energy Cutoff Switch to shut down the water heater if it gets too hot.  
Genuine Robertshaw Unitrol Gas Water Heater controls are available through Grimwood Heating and their distributors nationwide in two models to suit either natural gas or LPG.  

With distributors in every state, Grimwood products, including the Unitrol 220R Gas Water Heating Control, are easily accessible for everyone requiring a quality solution to their application.

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