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PXV Pulse-Type Electronic Expansion Valves from Grimwood Heating

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Grimwood Heating  presents the PXV pulse-type electronic expansion valves that primarily find application in commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and public air-conditioning systems.  

The PXV electronic expansion valves are throttling devices that receive liquid from the condenser and release it into the evaporator, applying the necessary pressure change to the expansion nozzle. Designed as an ON/OFF valve, the expansion valves can be adjusted in accordance with the pulse width modulation, and can be controlled using a relatively simple electronic system.  

The PXV solenoid expansion valves regulate the flow of liquid refrigerant towards the evaporator by adjusting the opening time of its own obturator, thus allowing a large power variation interval to be established. Extremely precise and reliable regulation increases the efficiency of the entire system.  

The valves feature nine interchangeable orifices with a nominal power rating from 1 kW to 24 kW. The valve is coupled with a coil and controlled by a V800 electronic regulation device.  

PXV electronic expansion valves are typically used in refrigeration systems, especially the chiller cabinets utilised by retail purchasing consortiums, which use Group II liquid refrigerants.  

For efficient regulation the PXV valve must be sized so that it is able to supply a sufficient amount of refrigerant in order to fulfil the requirement even under the most strenuous load conditions.  

The use of the electronic regulator offers more precise refrigerant dosage, improving performance in the long term, significantly reducing machine running costs and offering a quicker response to variations in the evaporator load.  

Key features of PXV electronic expansion valves: 

  • Controlled using Eliwell V800 driver
  • Interchangeable orifices from 1 to 9
  • Capacity up to 24 kW with R410
  • Optimises liquid refrigerant injection towards the evaporator to increase its efficiency
  • Compatible with most commercially available refrigerants
  • 230 Vac and 24 Vac available
  • Reduces the risk of liquid returning to the compressor
  • Improves overheating control under varying operating conditions
  • Can be controlled using commercially available microprocessors and drivers
  • Airtight seal, solenoid valve installation is not required

PXV electronic expansion valves are used in commercial refrigeration applications at hypermarkets, supermarkets, food stores, hotels and restaurants. Industrial refrigeration applications include food processing and distribution procedures.  

The valves are also used in public air-conditioning systems and heat pumps with inverter compressors. The PXV valve can be used as an evaporator pressure regulating device in refrigeration systems equipped with one or more evaporators and hot gas by-pass valve as a way of controlling the capacity.

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