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New damper actuators from Grimwood Heating

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Grimwood Heating  has extended its range of HVAC accessories. The range now includes damper actuators.

The RM8 on/off type damper actuator uses a bi-directional magnetic clutch synchronous motor. It has an overload protection function, and does not need a limit switch.

The actuator will stop automatically, because the motor is clutched when it is operated to the end.

The damper actuator has a precision adjustable mechanical limit, and 1 or2 auxiliary switches can be selected as an option.

The adjustable limiter has a precision of 15º. Optional overtime protection is also available for longer motor life.

There are also one or two optional auxiliary switches, the function of which can be made to order.

The operational angle of the damper actuator has 2 limiters that can be adjusted by setting the peak turnplate. The adjustable feedback position is greater than 60º for clockwise, and less than 30º for anti-clockwise.


  • 8 Nm torque to regulate dampers up to approx. 1.6m²
  • Control signal on/off or 3-point
  • Power supply 24 vac and 230 vac
  • Running time 156 seconds
  • Suitable shaft dimensions maximum 13mm, Minimum 10mm
  • Position indicator
  • Angle of rotation changeable from outside
  • Direction changeable via wiring diagram
  • On request:

                  2 Nm torque (running time 72 seconds)
                  4 Nm torque (running time 108 seconds)
                  6 Nm torque (running time 108 seconds)

  • On request:

                 1 auxiliary switch
                 2 auxiliary switches

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