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New Thyro-Step controllers from Grimwood Heating

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The new Thyro-Step controllers from Grimwood Heating combine the features of a load sequencing control (10+1 circuits) with the traditional tasks of a monitoring system for mains load peaks as well as a data logging and control system in addition to serving as an I/O module.

Thyro-Step power controllers can be used for diverse applications in all process engineering areas in petrochemical (heavy fuel and gas heaters), chemical, pipe/trace heating, furnace construction and machine building industries.

The versatile application range of Thyro-Step controllers meets the requirements of modern technology as well as future applications, the main challenges of which include reduced system installation costs.

The Thyro-Step controller functions as an accessory device for the installation of a load-sequencing control. For instance, it can be used with large process heating systems arranged into separate zones or heater banks.

The controller balances the required temperature demand by switching on the specific banks or elements via relays or thyristor switches that most nearly match the specific heating demand. A digital SCR power controller can be installed at the analogue output to secure a gentle switchover between stages and continuous automatic adjustments during the process.  

Both ramp times as well as hysteresis functions can be adjusted as required. Parameters can be changed either by turn switches and potentiometers or via PC software, guaranteeing easy handling in any situation.  

Key features of Thyro-Step controllers:

  • Can be connected to a PC via an integrated RS232 interface
  • Easily linked to process and automation technology via bus modules
  • Enables installation of large, digitally controlled heating systems using low-cost components
  • Intelligent power controller balances the usage of connected switching and heating elements, lowering installation costs and increasing life expectancy of elements
  • Also serves as a measuring device and I/O module


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