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New RadioAdapter device available from Grimwood Heating

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With its new range of wireless devices, replacing conventional RS-485 cable connections, Eliwell, a manufacturer of electronic controllers, commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, has brought new meaning to the concept of connectivity in monitoring and control systems.

Traditional wired networks:

Current RS-485 based solutions only partially meet the growing needs of the monitoring and control world.

In RS-485 based solutions, some devices remain isolated from the monitoring system due to the high cost of running cables and in cases where devices need to be re-located on a regular basis, fixed cable installation is out of the question.

Eliwell's new RadioAdapter device available from Grimwood Heating tackles this issue and succeeds feasibility restrictions typical of cabled monitoring systems.

A new wireless solution:

Eliwell offers wireless solution for monitoring and control systems in commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.


RadioAdapter provides a reliable way of building wireless communication networks between monitoring systems and controllers or a means of extending existing networks.

RadioAdapter features IEEE 802.15.4 standard and runs on ISM frequency band at 2.4 GHz.

Large networks:

Due to MESH networking technology and associated dynamic routing, the RadioAdapter acts as a repeater for adjacent nodes, covering large surface areas, getting around blocked paths to send or receive messages and enabling continuous function even when one or more nodes breaks down.

Flexible applications:

RadioAdapter is flexible and can be used in networks with Eliwell Televis and MODBUS RTU controllers thereby meeting the needs of commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning installations

Main features and benefits:

  • Lower installation costs for communication networks in new plants.
  • Communication networks can be installed in existing systems faster, easier and cheaper
  • Devices normally out of the reach of cables can be connected
  • Device layout can be modified at any time without having to modify the actual network
  • With RadioAdapter you can monitor systems and control all network devices


Commercial refrigeration:

RadioAdapter together with the Eliwell EM range of thermometers provides maximum flexibility and low costs when installing a monitoring network in existing refrigeration plants.

Plug-in cabinets for refrigeration and catering:

RadioAdapter extends a wired monitoring and control system to include plug-in cabinets that are not usually monitored. Without having to modify the monitoring system, these units can be positioned anywhere and as required on the sales floor.


A group of fan-coils can be connected to a monitoring and control system without additional building requirements or radically altering the external appearance of the building.


RadioAdapter can be used to create communication networks for MODBUS controllers used to control automatic equipment, doors/gates, lights and such like.

System integration:

More than one RadioAdapter network can be set up in the same location, each with its own dedicated function (for example: cold control, conditioning control, automatic equipment control) thereby optimising the performance of each network.


  • IEEE 802.15.4 standard radio transmission
  • Frequency band: ISM 2.400 GHz…2.485 GHz
  • Number of nodes per network: 100
  • Connections: TTL for Eliwell and RS-485 controllers
  • Protocols supported: Eliwell Televis, MODBUS RTU
  • Power supply: 100…240 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Container: 3 plastic DIN modules

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