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Level controls and Level Switches from Grimwood

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Grimwood Heating  has launched a range of AKO level controls and level switches.  

The level controls are employed in the control and regulation of the level of conductive liquids, detecting maximum and minimum both in the filling or draining wells and tanks. They permit the control of liquid transfer between wells and tanks. They are not suitable for inflammable liquids or for working in areas that are classified as potentially explosive.  


  • Varistor protection against electrical storm interference. 
  • Alternating current flows through the sensors in order to prevent any electrolysis phenomena. 
  • Front panel potentiometer for sensitivity regulation. 
  • Operate by discrimination between the liquid resistance existing between two submerged sensors that are adjusted by the regulation sensitivity potentiometer. 
  • Relay status LED indicator. 
  • Double-throw relay permitting the function of filling (tank) or draining (well). 
  • Dual-voltage, can be powered at 240V or 415V. 
  • For DIN rail and plug-in terminals. 

The level switches are float operated switches either with separate on/off floats, or a combined unit. The units have a operating temperature range of 0 to 60C, and pressures up to 4 bar at 20C.  

The AKO-5312 series of level switches for industrial use constitute a simple and safe system for controlling water level. Its shape and interior balance weight ensure no impurities and dirt will adhere to the surface, making it specially appropriate for clean water, sewage and waste water, both in the filling and draining f tanks, reservoirs, wells and accumulation pits.  

The AKO-5311 liquid level switch is a simple and safe device to control the level of clean water, drinking water, and general purpose applications, both when filling or draining reservoirs, wells and containers.  

Both series have internal microswitches and have no lead or mercury.

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