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Grimwood Heating unveils range of air differential pressure transmitters

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article image 984M range of air differential pressure transmitters

Grimwood Heating  has launched a range of air differential pressure transmitters from VCP of Sweden for use in HVAC and Building Management Systems.

The differential pressure transmitters of the 984M series are used for measuring differential pressure, positive pressure and vacuum.

The output signal of the 3-wire version is configurable. The factory setting is for a 0-10 Volt output signal, but this can be changed to 4-20 mA by removing the jumper. The 2-wire version is only available with a 4-20 mA output signal.

To adapt ideally for the application, the transmitter can be selected between two adjoining pressure ranges. Factory setting is for the most sensitive range and by opening of a jumpered bridge the less sensitive range is activated.

The response time of the output signal can be selected by a jumpered bridge. Factory setting is for a slow response time (1 s), which dampens short pressure peaks. To work with a fast response time (100ms) this bridge needs to be replaced.

The output signal can be calibrated to zero by pressing the M key (pressure transmitter must be depressurised).

As well as an analogue output signal, the differential pressure transmitter contains an adjustable transistor switching output with a maximum switching capacity of 35 Vdc/100 mA (only for the 3-wire version).

Measuring method is by Piezoresistive pressure transducer.

They can be mounted in any position. Due to the self compensating piezoresistive pressure transducer any possible mounting error is eliminated.

A summary of the range of sensors supplied by Grimwood can be seen in section 15-10 of its online catalogue.

The Grimwood online catalogue showcases its extensive range of elements controls and accessories, and is updated with new product releases on a regular basis.

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