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Grimwood Heating offers Bolt-On Immersion Elements with Improved Design

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An enhanced range of bolt-on immersion elements is now available from Grimwood Heating .  

The design enhancement involves the provision of a dead stop on the flange of the element to assist the installer with ensuring optimum gasket compression.  

The previous design of Grimwood’s bolt-on immersion elements had a leak risk factor when the gasket was over-tightened or unevenly compressed during installation.    

The newly enhanced bolt-on immersion elements feature a spigot moulded into the element flange so that the gasket compression is controlled and evenly achieved.  

This allows the installer to ensure a leak-proof joint that can meet all the pressure tests required by Australian Standards for water heaters.  

The highly successful Grimwood design of bolt-on immersion elements has been the template adopted by a number of Chinese makes currently available in the Australian market.  

Grimwood has moved to protect its intellectual property by registering the design of this improvement with IP Australia to prevent copying and imitation by others.  

Genuine Grimwood bolt-on immersion elements bear the Grimwood brand and the Australian Made logo.

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