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Grimwood Heating is Exclusive Oceania Distributor for Thyro-Family Thyristor Power Controllers

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AEG Power Solutions has appointed Grimwood Heating as the exclusive Oceania distributor for their thyristor power controllers.  

Power controllers from the new Thyro-Family of thyristor power controllers by AEG Power Solutions are available in the Thyro-S, Thyro-A and Thyro-P series, and are designed to meet future needs.  

The Thro-Family consists of:  

  • Thyro-S, a communication-capable thyristor switch equipped with advanced functions and system features to handle an extended application field 
  • Thyro-A, a communication-enabled thyristor power controller that allows for precise energy regulation at a high level of availability
  • Thyro-P, an advanced power controller, setting the standard for digital SCR power controllers and featuring:  
    • Several operating modes
    • Straightforward connections to process and automation systems
    • High level of control accuracy through the use of 32-bit RICS processor

Thyristor power controllers (SCR) from AEG Power Solutions switch, control or regulate electrical energy beginning with simple applications for optimised power controllers up to complex applications that require high-end digital power controllers.  

AEG thyristor power controllers are used in applications such as melting, heating, drying or forming in diverse industries: 

  • Oil and Gas: Fuel oil and fuel gas heaters
  • Oven equipment: Industrial, diffusion and drying ovens
  • Glass processing: Float glass, feeder, finishing and fibre glass
  • Plant equipment: Extruders and plastic presses
  • Chemical industry: Pipe trace heating and preheat equipment
  • Automotive industry: Paint drying equipment
  • Printing machines: IR driers 
  • Packaging industry: Shrink tunnels

Grimwood’s expertise in industrial and hazardous area electrical heating solutions makes them well-placed to serve customers, users and integrators across all industries and electric heating technologies with AEG’s power controllers.

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