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Grimwood Heating introduces its custom built duct heaters

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Grimwood Heating has the capacity to manufacture any number of duct heaters at the one time. The design of their custom built duct heaters incorporates a terminal box which is fitted with all of the necessary elements, controls and safety devices. All of these parts are anchored to the terminal box and the elements are staggered so that they will be able to achieve optimum heat dissipation to the air stream.

All elements have been manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS 1668. They are made from stainless steel or nickel plated carbon steel. The use of these particular materials prevents fumes occurring when the heaters are started and reduces the possibility of corrosion when the heaters are used in areas of relatively high humidity. All elements with a reach of more than 400 mm are also fitted with supports to prevent flexing occurring and as an added safety feature.

Grimwood Heating's custom built duct heaters come with both finned and unfinned elements to suit required power ratings, duct sizes and air flows. Heater capacities range from 0.5Kw through to 50kW and there is a choice of electrical connections that are either 240 volt, single phase or 415/240 volt three phase in single or multiple stages depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

All duct heaters are designed to fit easily into an opening in the duct wall. Grimwood Heating's trained and experienced staff are available to help customers select the most economical combination of terminal boxes and elements to suit their needs.

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