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Grimwood Heating develops instrument air and gas heaters for safe and hazardous areas

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article image Grimwood Heating instrument air and gas heaters are suitable for safe or hazardous areas

Grimwood Heating  has developed a range of low wattage, highly controllable instrument air and gas heaters for safe and hazardous areas.

The development of these instrument air and gas heaters is a combination of Grimwood Heating's unique skill set of heating element design and manufacture, heat transfer analysis, IECEx certified hazardous area electrical enclosures, and control system design and manufacture.

Compressed air and other instrument gases often require heating to overcome the temperature drop from pressure reduction, or chilling for moisture removal. The problem until now has been how to do this in a controllable fashion with predictable results, particularly under conditions of variable flow rates.

Typically the pipeline for this gas or air will be either heat traced or run through a water bath to increase the temperature. Unfortunately, both these solutions suffer from high thermal interia, resulting in significant under and overshoot around the target temperature.

The unique design of the Grimwood Heating instrument air and gas heater features an electric element in the gas stream, which has a controlled flow over the heating surfaces and utilises a full electronic thyristor control system.

The gas flow over the heating surface provided by the instrument air and gas heater is carefully designed to maximise heat transfer and minimise the heating surface temperature. The gas outlet temperature is closely controlled by rapid thyristor switching of the heating load to keep the outlet temperature within narrow limits.

The instrument air and gas heater design is adaptable from 100W to 2kW, and for operating pressures up to 25MPa.

Optional features for the instrument air and gas heater include:

  • low/no flow and low pressure lock outs
  • over temperature policemen for process and element sheath temperature.
The heaters electrical enclosure can be either IECEx d for hazardous area or IP66 for safe areas.

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