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Extended range of withdrawable immersion heaters

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article image High temperature alloy materials.

GRIMWOOD Heating has extended its range of withdrawable heaters to include higher watt density designs.

These higher watt densities are made possible by the use of Nicrofer 7216 high temperature alloy materials from ThyssenKrupp VDM, heat treatment of the immersion tube, and the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics and Finite Element Analysis, to better understand the heat transfer process.

Withdrawable heaters are typically used in applications where it is necessary to limit the temperature to which the heated fluid is exposed.

This is important in heating oils, polymers, heat transfer fluids, food and in fermentation processes.

Withdrawable heaters are also used where it is essential to be able to remove the element without emptying the tank, such as on shipboard tanks, sullage tanks and waste water treatment applications.

Grimwood managing director Brian Walkington said the product range would continue to be expanded.

“This will provide customers in the region with the equipment that they need, to do the things they need to do."

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