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Eliwell Releases 2010-11 Catalogue

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Grimwood Heating  offers the new Eliwell Product Catalogue containing Eliwell’s latest range of electronic controls for refrigeration and automation.

The Eliwell Product Catalogue is also enhanced with a new Systems section. This section details the wide range of products and systems focused on the monitoring and management of refrigeration systems.

Eliwell Product Catalogue can be downloaded on the Grimwood or Eliwell websites.

Eliwell, a market leader in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is part of Invensys, a leading global provider of automation, control and rail transport technology solutions.

Eliwell has been developing and manufacturing controllers and control systems for refrigeration units in commercial and industrial applications since 1980.

The company also specialises in the production of air conditioning controllers in collaboration with major European manufacturers in this sector.

Eliwell’s range of electronic controls includes:


ModBus is a serial communication protocol that allows communication between different devices connected to the same network. ModBus is often used to connect a supervisor computer to a remote terminal unit (RTU) when monitoring control and data acquisition systems.


This is the standard that describes the communication interface for serial connection between a network of devices and the computer.

Link Function

The Link function makes it possible to connect a master as well as a number of slave and echo devices in a network and allows the sharing of network functions in order to maximise management of small control systems.

Copy Card  

The Copy Card is an accessory that connects to a TTL type serial port and allows the rapid programming of instrument parameters.


TelevisSystem is a remote management and monitoring system for industrial and commercial systems. These systems are ideal for supermarkets and hypermarkets. The monitoring system can be accessed remotely via a web browser using any PC or handheld device connected to the network.


RTC or Real-Time Clock is an internal clock for managing programmable functions at preset times. In Eliwell instruments, the clock continues to operate in the event of power cuts without the use of batteries.


This is a sophisticated diagnostics system capable of detecting all temperature and black-out events that occur in the monitored refrigerated environment, recording them internally in the device in a non-volatile memory.

Temperature Probes

Temperature probes are capable of covering a very wide temperature range and the sensors used include PTC, NTC, thermocouple, Pt100 and Pt1000.

Humidity Probes

The EWHS series of probes are specially made for connection to humidity measurement instruments.

Pressure Probes

The EWPA series of probes are pressure reading devices. EWPA 007 probes have an operating range up to 7 bar whereas the EWPA 030 probes operate up to 30 bar.


The PID function is an alternative to the on-off control for use in situations requiring greater precision and reduced oscillations with regard to the setpoint in both 'hot' and 'cold' applications.

Switching Power Supply

The switching power supply offers the installer the option of covering most areas of application, reducing the number of models that would be necessary if a transformer-type power supply was used.

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