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Electronic thermostats from Grimwood Heating

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GRIMWOOD Heating has launched the Eliwell range of electronic thermostats.

The Eliwell IC controllers are a complete range of multifunction devices with one operating point, designed to satisfy any application requirement in the sphere of temperature and process control for light industry.

The current product lines are now to be found in a single range of devices in the standard Eliwell 32x74 size and incorporate in one single controller all the best technological and application solutions that have distinguished Eliwell electronic controllers for years.

Eliwell IC controllers offer the right response to the most demanding market requirements.

Features of the Eliwell IC controller are:

* Fast, easy installation

* Direct power supply 230V

* Standard parameter-selectable PTC or NTC temperature probes

* Front cover protection rating IP65

* Copy Card functions for fast programming of parameters, standard on all models

* Programming menu with different protection levels.

As a special offer of this launch, Grimwood Heating is providing these electronic thermostats on their popular OTS "Over the side" range of heaters at no extra charge.

Grimwood Managing Director, Brian Walkington, said "We will continue to extend the product range. This will provide customers with the equipment that they need, to do the things they need to do."

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