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EW4800 panel temperature controllers from Grimwood Heating

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EW4800 48x48 1/16 DIN panel temperature controllers from Grimwood Heating are designed for all industrial applications requiring high precision temperature control, from moulding of plastic materials to packaging and process control in transforming raw materials.

The strong point of the EW4800 controllers is its flexibility,  the wide range of possible applications meets a large variety of requirements regarding feed, signals and connections, and Eliwell’s experience in temperature control has enabled the development of a product offering extreme configurability and flexibility with numerous applications.

The advantages of the EW4800 range include flexibility and precision in the acquisition of the analogue outputs, thanks to the two types of new-generation conversion at 14 and 16 bits:

Models with conversion at 14 bits use probe types Ptc, Ntc, Pt100, Pt1000, Tc (J, K, S, r, t);

Models with conversion at 16 bits use probe types Pt100, voltage inputs 0..1/5/10V, current inputs 0/4..20mA.

The EW4812 and EW4822 models have an integrated RS-485 serial port for connection to the Televis systems or Modbus. Connection to the TelevisSystem enables control of the main functions (e.g. cycle start and stop) such as monitoring and recording temperatures and states, alarm signalling, programming parameters and the RVD function (remote virtual device).

A large and complete double display, with keypad for programming process parameters, simultaneously shows all the necessary information regarding setpoint, value acquired by the probe, status of alarms and control outputs. In this way it is possible to have all the necessary information under control, without having to access the programming menu, and making its use more immediate.

The EW4800 series enables the use of two customised and independent programmes that manage up to 8 thermal profiles each. These programmes enable the thermal cycles to be personalised according to the setpoint value, duration of the cycle and its delayed activation, making this device suitable for the most demanding application requirements in the process control sector.

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