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Control power with AEG Thyro-S thyristor switch from Grimwood Heating

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Available from Grimwood Heating , AEG Thyro-S thyristor switches offer a secure, fast, economical and communication capable answer to power control needs.

The Thyro-S thyristor switch is much more than a simple SSR as it offers greater reliability and longer life, giving a more attractive life cycle cost than a traditional SSR.

Thyro-S thyristor switches have a silent operation and do not require staged heating banks with multiple contactors. They offer a long operational life and more precise control (easier compliance with the new BCA maximum 7.5 degree temperature rise limit for electric duct heaters).

Thyro-S thyristor switches also have a lower life time cost and are able to interface with BMS and other control systems via the optional bus module. An LED status indicator enables the user to see what is going on. The thyristor switches also feature an integrated semiconductor fuse and a dip switch that has selectable operational modes of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, and 1:5 are highly useful in commissioning. They also have optional load monitoring and alarm relay.

As a connection-ready thyristor switch with secure operational behaviour and load monitoring, the Thyro-S thyristor switches currents, voltages and power sources. It can be connected to bus systems, used in standalone operation, or used in conjunction with process controllers, PLC and computer systems. Used with the AEG Thyro-Tool Family programming software, it provides for quick commissioning and simple visualisation. Because it is simple to mount, easy to handle and commission, the new Thyro-S type thyristor switch is an excellent choice for a wide field of applications.

The applications which can most effectively utilise the advanced features of Thyro-S thyristor switch are those where you need load monitoring and precise process control. This includes mission critical applications such as food processing, paint curing and ink drying.

Thyro-S thyristor switch is also ideal for managing any resistive load requiring rapid or frequent switching. This includes duct heaters, radiant heaters, and immersion heaters.

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