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Circulation heaters available from Grimwood Heating

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Grimwood Heating  has extended their signature range of circulation heaters for safe and hazardous areas.

The range includes circulation heaters from as small as 1kw in a 25DN pipe through to units over 600kw in 400DN pressure vessels fully compliant with AS1210 and with the electrical aspects certified as meeting the requirements of the IECEx scheme for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Grimwood Heating is unique amongst Australian manufacturers of circulation heaters in that they can provide the product and application engineering expertise to optimize the design for each application. This ensures customers are provided with products meeting their needs.

Whether it is heating CIP solutions for a water treatment plant, anticrystalisation heaters for caustic storage, or fuel gas heaters for natural gas pipelines, Grimwood Heating has the expertise to engineer the circulation heater, inline heater or pipeline heater for the application.

Grimwood views every application of a circulation heater, inline heater or pipeline heater as unique.

Grimwood will review the process conditions and engineer a heater for those conditions. The factors which influence the design of the heater include the flow rate, density, viscosity, thermal conductivity and heat capacity of the fluid.

By designing and manufacturing circulation heaters in Australia, Grimwood reduces lead times and improves the flow of information to ensure the product is delivered on time. Recently an IECEx certified Hazardous Area unit was manufactured and delivered to Malaysia within three weeks of the order being placed after a northern hemisphere manufacturer failed to deliver 20 weeks after order placement.

With distributors in every state, a Grimwood circulation heater is easily accessible for every industry requiring a quality solution to their process heating application.

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