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Air quality sensors and controls available from Grimwood Heating

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Grimwood Heating now has the solution for energy efficient ventilation control with the new range of sensors and controls.

The new range of products includes Air Quality (VOC), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors for room and duct mounting.

VOC sensors determine air quality based on a mixed gas sensor, and are used in offices, hotels, meeting rooms, convention centres, schools, airports, apartments, stores and restaurants.

VOC sensors give a quantitative measurement of room air pollution with contaminating gases (cigarette smoke, body odour, exhaled breathing air, solvent vapours, emissions from building members and detergents) with sensitivity adjustment.

The VOC sensors allow for ventilation of rooms on an as-needed basis, enabling energy conservation with air changes only taking place when the air is polluted.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors can be used to control CO2 generation, ventilation or other cooling and heating equipment.

Ventilation control by CO2 monitoring is a viable and energy efficient way of controlling ventilation to target the flow rates based on actual occupancy, rather than the traditional approach of providing fixed ventilation based on maximum occupancy.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensors also allows zone control in applications with variable occupancy and even the transfer of preconditioned air from under occupied spaces.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are designed for use in enclosed garages, loading docks, warehouses and other areas where toxic carbon monoxide fumes may build up and are available in a range of sensitivities from 0-50ppm to 0-2000ppm.

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