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AEG Thyro-AX next generation of thyristor power controllers from Grimwood

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article image AEG Thyro-AX thyristor power controller
Grimwood Heating  introduces the next generation of thyristor power controllers from AEG Power Solutions.

AEG Power Solutions has expanded its Thyro-Family series to introduce the Thyro-AX, the next generation of digital thyristor power controllers.

Incorporating enhanced performance features, the new Thyro-AX series supports voltages from 24 V to 600 V and offers a unique product scope from 16 A to 1,500 A available as single, dual and three-phase units. The power controller can be connected from below or above with FlexConnect connection technology.

AEG also introduces for the first time, a full graphic touch display in the new Thyro-AX thyristor power controllers to allow a high level of intuitive operation. Completely new options are offered for handling the power controller, especially for visualization and parameterization. Set- and actual points as well as operating modes are shown in plain text. Operating modes are signalised via changing background lighting.

The versatile and easy-to-handle thyristor power controller Thyro-AX can be used for heating, melting, forming and drying applications in modern process engineering fields.

Key features of AEG Thyro-AX thyristor power controllers:

  • Ethernet and USB 2.0 added to standard interfaces
  • Parameterization possible via the USB 2.0 interface even without external supply
  • DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS and CANopen available for communication with higher control systems
  • TCP/IP based communication includes PROFINET, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP
  • Intelligent technologies compensate system perturbations as well as network load optimisation to reduce costs
  • High energy efficiency levels within the ongoing operation mode offered as standard
Process engineering applications of Thyro-AX:

  • Automotive industry (paint drying equipment) 
  • Chemical industry (pipe trace heaters, pre-heating equipment)
  • Crystal growing (sapphire, silicon)
  • Furnace construction (industrial, diffusion, drying ovens)
  • Glass industry (plate glass equipment, feeders, finishing equipment)
  • Machine building industry (extruders, plastic presses)
  • Packaging industry (shrink tunnels)
  • Printing machines (IR drying)

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