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Push-in miniature pneumatic fittings

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article image Camozzi miniature fittings.

GRIFFITHS Components now stocks all-metal 3mm push-in fittings for pneumatic (compressed air) applications. These connectors are designed to grip tubing with an advanced eight gripping tooth, fully sprung collet, which gives the fitting long life and a reliable grip on the inserted tubing.

Micro super rapid fittings are constructed in 14 different models to suit many applications. They are available with either a metric 5mm (M5) thread, or the smaller 3mm (M3).

Connection and disconnection of the tube, can be repeated several times and is performed with one hand only and without the use of tools. The sealing 'O' ring on the top of the thread can be easily replaced if it is damaged or should the rubber compound from which it is made wear with time.

These 3mm Camozzi fittings are made from electroless nickel-plated brass, with no plastic components, which makes them suitable for applications which are outdoor, abrasive, or where the fitting may suffer risks of impact.

The fittings are suitable for connecting nylon tube, Teflon, polyurethane and polyethylene.

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