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Octopus palletising system available from Griffiths Components

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Vuototecnica, one of the leading vacuum equipment specialists, includes the Octopus system in their range, the answer to the increasingly more frequent request for operational flexibility for palletising robots and vacuum-operated handling systems in general.

This system allows any object of any shape and kind, except those with excessive transpiration, to be supported, without having to change or position suction pads, even when their surface covers only 5% of the entire suction surface; the maximum weight of the load to be lifted will naturally be in proportion to the lifting surface.

Finally a palletising system exists which can lift and move not only the objects to be loaded onto the pallet, but also the pallet itself, removing the typical need for a gripping device to move pallets.

The surface that contacts the load can be one of several special foam pads, plates of vacuum cups, or cups with sensors in them to shut off vacuum to any part of the plate not in contact with the load. All these solutions are non-marking to the product.

The octopus system can be easily adapted to any anthropomorphic robot, and is fully modular, allowing the pad which contacts the loads, the vacuum generator (if required) and the distribution plate all to be fitted exactly to suit the application, and all separately replaceable.

The Octopus system and other Vacuum solutions are available from Griffiths Components in the Australasian region.

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