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Low power miniature solenoid valves

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article image Series K solenoid valves from Camozzi.

CAMOZZI Pneumatics has release a new range of miniature solenoid valves, available from Griffiths Components , which consume only 0.9 watts in operation.

These tiny valves, called the series K, are used to electrically control a small flow of air, switching it from on to off or vice versa.

They are typically used in the medical field, or in small control cabinets where pilot signals are being used to operate larger devices.

The engineering grade plastic body is chemically resistant, and extremely compact. The valve body and the solenoid are separate components which allows one half or the other of the unit to be replaced should they wear over time.

Another advantage to this series is the many models and options that are available to suit nearly any requirement.

The Camozzi series K is available in a 3 port, two position configuration. This can be a normally open, or normally closed valve.

The main feature of this mini-solenoid valve consists of the fact that the mounting between the mechanical and pneumatic sections of the valves is achieved by two easily accessible screws.

The valves come as single mounting units, or in a manifold version for assembly in batteries. On these manifolds both normally open and closed versions can be mounted side by side if required.

The solenoid component of the valve can be of many different voltages to suit the application and has a 100 per cent duty cycle (leave it switched on and it won't burn out), and the pneumatic valve can work over a very long life with or without lubrication.

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