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article image Camozzi flow control valves.

CAMOZZI flow control valves, also known as needle valves, are designed for controlling the flow of air, water and mineral oils, and offer precision adjustment over a very long product life.

Available from Griffiths Components , the body of the valve is OT58 brass, with electroless nickel-plating, to give a stainless steel look and chemical resistance.

The seals are of strong nitrile rubber, suitable for use with many fluids.

There are four sizes available in the range to suit applications requiring up to 590 litres a minute of flow for the smallest valve (1/8"bsp), up to 2150 litres a minute for the largest size (1/2"bsp).

There are also many mounting options available since the valves are used in many varied applications.

They are available with male or female threads at either end, and there is a panel-mounted version available which allows the valve body to be under a metal plate, leaving only the control knob visible above the plate.

For the more technically minded, these valves are safe to operate between 0 and 80°C, and can be used with pressures from 0-10 bar.

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