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Compact high-power cylinders

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article image Camozzi’s new series 31 cylinders.

CAMOZZI Pneumatics has released a new version of its series 31 compact cylinders which, due to its 'tandem' design, allows the cylinder to generate a thrust force up to four times that of a normal cylinder.

As an additional benefit, it also allow for up to three stop positions along the stroke of the one cylinder, fully configurable to the application.

Available from Griffiths Components , the standard series 31 cylinder is designed to have compact dimensions to allow it to be installed within confined spaces. It has a durable construction for high performance and long life.

This is achieved by means of two solid end caps with a self-lubricated sintered bronze bearing in the front giving extra strength and durability to the cylinder when exposed to great dynamic force.

The new release version of the cylinders achieve the extra force and multi-stop positions by effectively mounting multiple cylinders in-line, in a sequence of up to four cylinders.

Hence the term 'tandem' cylinders. Each cylinder in this line of cylinders can be of whatever stroke length is required in the application.

For example, if the cylinder is to extend 20mm, stop, then extend 10mm more, stop, and finally extend 30mm more, this is easily achieved with the Camozzi 31 series.

If on the other hand the application has restricted space but requires the force that usually only a large and cumbersome cylinder could provide, this cylinder will solve the problem.

The materials used are all long lasting, with a smooth aluminium profile on the outside which makes it ideal for use in hygienic applications.

Camozzi has many and varied models and mounting options, from anti-rotating options to swivel mounts.

The end of each stroke of the cylinder is fully cushioned to prolong the life of the cylinder, and it can be used without lubrication.

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