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article image Camozzi cylinders -- distinct advantages.

GRIFFITHS Components has added the Camozzi Series 70 NFPA cylinder to its range. This cylinder is built to North American standards, and is found commonly on imported machines and equipment from the USA, and is often required to be installed on equipment being exported to the USA, Mexico and Canada.

Technically, these cylinders differ in a few critical ways to the Australian standard ISO cylinders:

· The threads on the connection ports are NPT threads, which are a different pitch to the Australian BSP threads.

· There is a metal cap surrounding the stainless steel piston rod at the front end. This cap can be unscrewed, allowing access to the inside of the cylinder for servicing purposes without requiring full disassembly of the cylinder.

· The distance between the connection ports and the cylinders dimensions in general are different to the Australian ISO standard and as such means that the two are not interchangeable.

The Camozzi cylinder has distinct advantages to offer the market in that the piston rods are ground, polished and burnished stainless steel as standard to give long service life.

Also, the rod bearing (the bearing which stabilises the stroke of the cylinder rod as it exits the cylinder) is made of oil and graphite impregnated sintered bronze, and not plastic like most others on the market, which also gives superior performance and reliability at high speeds and with heavy loads.

The body of the cylinder is made from hard anodised lightweight aluminium, in clean lines to make the cylinders suitable for wash-down environments.

They have a minimum of food or material catching areas on their outside, and inside have full cushion adjustment, noise and vibration dampers, and Teflon end seals to give positive sealing and to offer a wide range of temperature applications.

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