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MRP and forecasting modules available from Greentree International

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Being able to respond on-the-fly to last minute changes to a scheduled production run without compromising the core process, balance customer demand, forecast requirements and plan production with pin-point accuracy are aspects of the manufacturing process that truth-be-known have shortened the life span of many fine managers and enthusiastic production planners over the years.

The engine-room activities of any business with a manufacturing, distribution and/or assembly component will be planning, production and inventory management which is why Greentree’s MRP and forecasting modules are intricately integrated with Greentree’s inventory management module.

“We now have so many ways to look at data, forecast production, and analyse product performance. Using trees we can select the data we want and how we want it.” Trevor Davies, Chief Chemist - Tergo Industries

Key benefits:

  • Plan production automatically and accurately
  • Efficiently manage investment in expensive inventory
  • Produce timely and competitively priced products
  • Respond on the fly to production planning change requirements
  • Automatically suggest and generate factory and purchase orders
  • Provides accurate planning of inventory purchasing
  • Manage requirements and forecasts by selective categories (trees)
  • Forecast accurately using historical and seasonal data
  • Manual adjustments allow for unforeseen situations
  • Manage the manufacturing process with visual planning board
  • Analyse factory order scheduling in Excel

To ensure you have control and high visibility of what is inherently a complex multi-faceted process, transcending several operational areas of the business each contributing to the finished product, Greentree has created two distinct and interrelated modules to manage this process within the manufacturing suite.

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