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Greentree International introduces Autoscan electronic document management system

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Greentree International  has released Autoscan, a low-cost, fully integrated and easy to use electronic document management system.

Source documentation such as accounts payable invoices, proof of deliveries, etc. are stored electronically and then the files are fully cross referenced to the relevant Greentree document using barcodes. These barcodes can either be automatically generated from Greentree or preprinted.

Autoscan allows for bulk scanning and processing, Greentree will automatically separate and file each image, making the job quick and easy and original documents become instantly available for queries.

Source (printed) documents can be barcoded, either with automatically generated barcodes from Greentree or with preprinted barcodes. These source documents can then be scanned in bulk and processed by Autoscan.

The automated technology in Autoscan identifies the barcode on each page of the source document and automatically separates the image and attaches it electronically to the related Greentree document.

In the example below an AP Invoice was entered into Greentree, and a barcode was automatically generated and printed. This barcode is then affixed to the source (printed) AP supplier invoice, which is in turn scanned and processed by Autoscan and will automatically be attached to the Greentree AP Invoice.

Autoscan preferences and module control settings allow you to define which Greentree document types make use of barcoding. If optional or compulsory for a record type, then a dialogue is displayed when a new record is created which allows you to enter the barcode.

If Autoscan is in use a barcode field is available on Greentree attachments. When an attachment is created for a barcoded record type, then you need to enter a barcode or you can make use of an automatically generated barcode.

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