Greenspan Analytical

Greenspan Analytical specialises in the manufacturing of environmental instrumentation for water level and water quality monitoring and analysis.

These units are designed for unattended operations in remote locations for extended amounts of time. Products include aqualab, mini analysers, multi parameter sensors, single parameter sensors and pressure/ level sensors. Greenspan Analytical are based in Milperra, NSW.


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02/05/12 - Greenspan Analytical has developed a range of water quality monitoring multi parameter sensors, such as the CS305/CS51200 model
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01/12/11 - Featuring high linearity and solid performance, PS1000 pressure sensors from Greenspan Analytical are an affordable solution for a wide range of water level monitoring applications.
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01/09/11 - Greenspan Analytical introduce the PS2100 pressure sensor, which provides users with an accurate, software enhanced tool for a complete range of groundwater monitoring requirements.
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19/07/11 - PS3100 pressure sensors are now available from Greenspan Analytical, offering a cost effective solution for long term deployment that utilises a ceramic capacitance transducer.
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Greenspan Analytical (Head office) Update these details
268-292 Milperra Road
NSW 2214
Tel: 02 9792 0237
Fax: 1300 658 799

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