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Ceramic bonding process

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GREENBANK Terotech has released the AeroTech ceramic bonding process. It produces components with the wear resistance of ceramic and the impact resistance of steel.

It is suitable for applications like high-speed dynamic fan blades in the dust extraction and cement industries. It allows the ceramic-lined item to flex and bend without compromising the integrity of the bond. Alumina ceramic linings can reduce weight of equipment, as it is 50% lighter than steel.

It provides a major breakthrough in the lining of chutes subject to continuous pounding and vibration. It eliminates delaminating of the ceramic from the steel backing material. Normal epoxy adhesives provide reasonable adherence of the ceramic but do not provide full transfer of support from the substrate material. In both high-vibration and dynamic applications standard epoxy bonds are unable to maintain adherence. As a result the ceramic cracks, dislodges and fails prematurely. AeroTech allows the full thickness of the ceramic liner to be used, increasing operating life and providing a more predictable maintenance lifecycle. Applications include pump volutes, mill paddles and mixer blades, valve gates, cyclone linings and screw conveyors.

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