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Embedded C++ for the Integrity-178B safety critical operating system

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GREEN Hills Software Inc. has announced the availability of DO-178B Level A certifiable Embedded C++ (EC++) for its safety-critical Integrity-178B RTOS.

The company is the first to offer safety critical developers a choice of C, C++ and Ada, all developed and supported by a single vendor and integrated into a single, multiple language development environment.

Green Hills Software also supports specialised versions of these languages for safety critical development-MISRA C, Embedded C++, SPARK Ada and Ravenscar Ada.

"The addition of EC++ to the languages already supported for the Integrity-178B operating system provides a powerful new capability for the development of safety-critical applications," said director of product marketing for safety critical products at Green Hills Software, Greg Gicca.

"Integrity-178B now supports the development of a single system with a mix of several languages. This allows developers to select the language best suited for their application development needs and designated safety level."

Multiple applications can now be developed in different languages and deployed in separate Integrity-178B partitions running on the same computer.

A high-integrity DO-178B Level A application might be developed using EC++. An application with lower criticality might be developed using full Ada and deployed in its own separate partition.

With EC++, object oriented programming capabilities benefit from improved efficiency over full ANSI C++.

EC++ removes ANSI C++ features that are not typically used in embedded or safety critical systems development, thereby generating much smaller and faster programs.

EC++ improvements range from 30-50% in code size and run-time efficiency over full ANSI C++.

Integrity-178B is a powerful, safety-critical, DO-178B Level A certified RTOS. It offers full time and memory partitioning as well as an ARINC-653-1 APEX interface.

Three programming languages are now available to safety-critical developers supporting their development needs and Integrity-178B provides the protection between applications with its full partitioning support.

DO-178B Level A certifiable EC++ support for the Integrity-178B RTOS is now available.

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