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article image Interior view of the BenchMAX labeling machine.

GREAT Engineering’s BenchMAX labelling machine is ideal for meeting varying export labelling laws.

Wineries, gourmet jams and spreads producers and other manufacturers of foods and beverages generally label both the front and back of the container and have their compliance information on the back label, so that only this label needs to be changed.

Typically they allocate a number of bins for each market, for example 10 for the UK and 10 bins for another market, such as the US.

A single front label is often applied to supplementary bins of containers to satisfy anticipated market demands.

When one market takes off quickly and requires a top up, a BenchMAX is used to identify the first label and to quickly apply an extra label or two sets of labels that carry the appropriate export information for that market.

Since approximately one bin an hour can be labelled, the BenchMAX gives companies the flexibility to meet ‘on demand’ requirements.\

A BenchMAX is more efficient to set up and run than an automatic labeller and is more economic than interrupting the 'bread and butter' production line. For example, one winery, with eleven packaging lines, uses a BenchMAX for their over-labelling.

Another commercial advantage of the BenchMAX is accurate application of award medallions for better presentation. A new label can be applied to a specific location on a pre-labelled container and located aesthetically over a corner of an existing label with repeated accuracy.

A Thermal Transfer printer and BenchMAX can also be used to apply printed batch and container numbers on 'limited edition' gourmet foods or beverages, increases marketing value.

Food manufacture recordings, with notes for particular bins of containers, including information on the processes used in the making of the food or beverage, use by date, batch number and other information which needs to be printed from a database for future reference, is easy with the BenchMAX and Thermal Printer.

The BenchMAX machine is also currently used for corporate labelling. In conjunction with a Thermal Transfer Printer, the BenchMAX can signal a printer to print a label so that overprinting to meet client's needs can be accommodated, for example, corporate give-aways at Christmas, restaurants, sponsorship and labelling wines for special events.

The BenchMARK is another example of Great Engineering's superior standards.

A forerunner to the BenchMAX, the standard BenchMARK is similar in design and does not come fitted with ancillaries. It can however at any time, be retro-fitted with the 'Automatic Attachment' for faster labelling, an 'Orientator' to meet export needs as they arise and a 'Small Container Adaptor' for sizes down to 14mm in diameter.

In common with the BenchMAX, the standard BenchMARK applies self-adhesive labels to round products and when applying two labels, spaces them evenly, with the distance dialled in at the side of the machine.

The standard machine satisfies the needs of the small to medium scale producer, needing flexibility of labelling options to accompany growth. The BenchMARK machine can also be operated with a printer.

Great Engineering's BenchMATE hand operated labeller is an ideal machine for low volume production and can also apply a single or front and back label to round product. Sturdy and well constructed, the BenchMATE satisfies niche marketing and labelling needs.

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