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Compact discs available from Grafxar Multimedia

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Grafxar Multimedia  is a CD and DVD manufacturer. Grafxar Multimedia also provides compact disc duplication and replication services. Grafxar Multimedia provides quality CD and DVD duplication and replication services to organisations and individuals with data storage needs. Grafxar Multimedia offers DVD duplication and replication services for high volume cost effective commercial productions and short run projects requiring fast turn around. Grafxar Multimedia provides efficient production and delivery services to its clients through its automatic order processing system.

Grafxar Multimedia manufactures a range of CD, CD-R, DVD and DVD-R suitable for variable storage needs. Grafxar Multimedia also offers customised packaging and printing services to its clients with storage needs. VHS tapes deteriorate over time and get damaged easily, while DVD are long lasting and can be safely maintained for a long time. In VHS tapes, options such as fast forwarding and rewinding processes takes much longer time, while with DVDs specific scenes can be viewed immediately. DVDs can be used for storing more information than possible with a VHS tape.

Grafxar Multimedia offers the following range of CD and DVD solutions; CD duplication services, DVD duplication services, mini CD duplication services, CD business card duplication services, CD replication services, DVD replication services and DVD conversion services.

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