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Fly poster and chewing gum removal services from Graffiti Doctor

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Graffiti Doctor  provide a comprehensive series of stone cleaning and graffiti removal services including fly poster and chewing gum removal services. These products offered by Graffiti Doctor are biodegradable and eco-friendly. The graffiti removal, fly posters removal and chewing gum removal services is carried out by Graffiti Doctor in a wide range of areas. Fly posters removal service from Graffiti Doctor is carried out with help of coatings that allows easy removal of fly posters.

Chewing gum removal services are also carried out by Graffiti Doctor. The chewing gum when accumulated creates dirt in the atmosphere. Graffiti Doctor offer spot cleaning services by removing the dirt and grime present within the surface of the area. The professionals from Graffiti Doctor carry out regular removal of chewing gum. They also provide a protective coating called Go-Gum. The Go-Gum from Graffiti Doctor is resistant to dirt and gum, colourless, hardwearing and non-slip vapour permeable coating. After the application of Go-Gum to the surface, the chewing gum can be removed with help of a stiff broom.

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