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Graco XM PFP plural-component sprayer for passive fire protection materials
29.04.2015 - Graco XM PFP plural-component sprayer is part of application equipment solutions designed specifically for epoxy intumescent fireproofing materials.
Graco acquires oil and gas valves company
09.10.2014 - Graco announces the acquisition of Alco Valves Group (Alco), a United Kingdom based manufacturer of high pressure valves used in oil and natural gas.
Graco launches new sanitary transfer piston pumps
17.09.2014 - Graco announces a new addition to its SaniForce line of FDA-compliant sanitary transfer pumps for product evacuation out of drums and bins.
QME 2014 Preview: Lubrication and process equipment
11.06.2014 - Graco Australia will return to QME, following AIMEX 2013, to showcase their range of lubrication and process products on stand L190.
Graco PCF metering system used for PV frame sealing
12.03.2013 - Graco supplied a CheckMate D200 pump with a PCF metering system to meet a client’s requirement for an automatic sealing solution during PV module manufacturing.
Graco’s Merkur ES spray equipment helps customer improve quality and save material costs
08.03.2013 - Spray equipment from Graco was supplied to a client in the commercial automotive business who sought a reliable unit that would deliver a quality finish cost-effectively.
Hindustan Unilever uses Graco EP hose pumps for mango pulp transfer
07.03.2013 - Graco EP hose pumps are being employed by Hindustan Unilever Limited to transfer mango pulp from 200-litre barrels to a 4m high tank.
Sydney Harbour Bridge resurfaced using Graco spray equipment
06.03.2013 - A full range of spray equipment from Graco was used for waterproofing and resurfacing work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Updated Graco PCF metering system offers PrecisionSwirl capabilities
21.02.2013 - Graco announces the release of the enhanced version of its PCF metering system.
Graco’s HFR metering system for automotive NVH foam
20.02.2013 - Graco offers a unique solution designed to dispense acoustic polyurethane foam in noise vibration harshness (NVH) applications in the automotive industry.
New FRP proportioners from Graco
19.02.2013 - Graco announces the launch of the new FRP proportioners designed for both gel coat and chop applications.
LineLazer IV 250SPS stand-on self-propelled line striping system from Graco
18.02.2013 - The LineLazer IV 250SPS from Graco is a one-of-its-kind stand-on self-propelled line striping system designed to maximise productivity with high-performance engineering.
TrueCoat Pro-X II handheld sprayers from Graco
15.02.2013 - Graco presents the second generation of their popular range of handheld sprayers designed for small jobs and touch-ups.
New Graco XForce HD cordless airless sprayers for protective and marine coatings
14.02.2013 - Graco has designed a new range of cordless airless sprayers for protective and marine coatings.
Graco RoadLazer RoadPak line striping system enters the Indian market
13.02.2013 - Graco successfully sold the very first RoadPak system in the emerging Indian market.
Graco’s electric airless sprayers used on exterior walls with safety harness in China
12.02.2013 - Contractor Equipment used electric airless sprayers for painting the exterior walls of affordable housing units in China.
Graco EP Series hose pumps
21.02.2012 - The Graco EP Series hose pumps are positive displacement pumps featuring a full 360-degree rotation.
Graco provides specialised fluid handling equipment for unique adhesive and equipment system
08.11.2011 - H.B. Fuller has developed a unique new adhesive and equipment system for the packaging industry, with specialised fluid handling equipment provided by Graco.
Reactor E-8p portable plural-component foam sprayers available from Graco
15.08.2011 - Graco, a manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, is pleased to introduce the Reactor E-8p portable plural-component sprayer, the first system designed specifically for new no-heat polyurethane foam
Graco launches TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish and ProShot Fine Finish handheld airless paint sprayers
19.07.2011 - TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish and ProShot Fine Finish handheld airless paint sprayers from Graco have been engineered to enable users to produce professional quality results.
Fire-Ball air powered piston pumps supplied by Graco
08.06.2011 - Graco offers Fire-Ball piston pumps, air powered instruments that feature a non-corrosive air motor design that ensures a long service life and minimal maintenance requirements.
Graco offer reliable air regulators for precise spray gun control
03.05.2011 - Graco's small, lightweight air regulators for spray guns are easy-to-use, durable, and small enough to stay out of the way of the operator during spraying.
Graco Husky 1050 double diaphragm pumps win Plant Engineering Product of the Year
02.03.2011 - Available now from Graco, the Husky 1050 pump family has won Plant Engineering's "Product of the Year" award.
XP70 plural component paint sprayers from Graco
21.09.2010 - Engineered by Graco specifically for two-component coatings, XP70 paint sprayers provide high pressure performance for spraying high viscosity, high solids coatings.
Graco G-Force 3540 hot water pressure washers
20.09.2010 - G-Force 3540 hot water pressure washers from Graco are intended for use in applications that require solid cleaning performance, effectively removing grease, oil and other heat reactive substances.
Graco introduces new G3 electric pumps for lubrication fluids
17.09.2010 - Featuring a flexible design that includes adjustable pump elements, G3 electric pumps from Graco provide a rugged and cost-effective solution for lubrication pumping.
Four ball displacement piston pumps provided by Graco
16.09.2010 - Graco’s positive displacement piston pumps have been designed to provide low cycle rates and high flow as the pump displaces fluid in both directions of the stroke.
20L – 60L supply systems available from Graco
19.03.2009 - Graco have launched the new 20L–60L supply systems for dispensing and transfer of medium to high viscosity materials. Designed to handle 20, 30 and 60-liter pail sizes, these supply systems are the pl
Graco introduce Round Spray kit for PRO Xs electrostatic/airspray guns
20.11.2008 - Graco have introduced new accessories for the PRO Xs electrostatic/airspray guns. For higher, adjustable round spray, Graco have a new round spray kit, which includes an air cap set, nozzle and needle.
Merkur air motors/spray packages available from Graco
17.11.2008 - The Monark and the President pumps from Graco are suitable for airless paint spray applications. These pumps have been refined over the years, in terms of longer life and adapting them to changing paint specifications.
1-1/2 inch Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump from Graco
14.11.2008 - The Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump, available from Graco, is suitable for applications requiring high flow rates and a compact, portable design.
1590 3A sanitary pump available from Graco
13.11.2008 - The 1590 3A sanitary pump, available from Graco, is designed to meet the stringent sanitation requirements of the milk and dairy industry.
2 Inch Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump from Graco
12.11.2008 - The 2 Inch Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump, available from Graco, is suitable for food-related applications requiring high flow rates.
Diaphragm Pumps from Graco for moving wine
27.10.2008 - Graco believe that grape processing should be as gentle as possible. Grapes are the cornerstone of the winery business, making the grape processing critical to use the most reliable pump available. Diaphragm pumps are useful in the wine industry beca
In- line flow guns for dispensing adhesives on horizontal surfaces available from Graco
24.10.2008 - In-Line flow guns, available from Graco, offer precise control of low viscosity sealant and adhesive materials. In-line flow guns provide appropriate solutions for dispensing onto horizontal surfaces. These guns have the following features.
Graco’s Four Reactor Sprayers for foam insulation at International Insulation job sites
24.10.2008 - Foam insulation can reduce home heating and cooling expenses. By installing four Graco I Gusmer Reactor E-20 foam insulation sprayers from Graco in the trailer, the crew pulls to the job sites, International Insulation in Maplewood have created aware
Automatic dispense valves from Graco
23.10.2008 - The AutoPlus automatic dispense valve, available from Graco, offers a compact, long-lasting design and low cost of ownership for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.
Dispense valves for sealants and adhesives available from Graco
22.10.2008 - Graco have a complete line of manual and automatic 1K valves for a wide variety of sealant and adhesive applications. Graco’s dispense valves are designed to be part of a total solution for dispensing sealants and adhesives in conjunction with Checkm
Ultra-Lite Pistol severe duty pistol grip flow guns available from Graco
21.10.2008 - Graco provide Ultra-Lite severe duty pistol grip flow guns as a part of their range of manual dispensing valves. Operator-friendly, Ultra-Lite severe duty pistol grip flow guns combine ergonomic design with high-operating pressure for dispensing high
New Liquid Control system available from Graco
06.09.2007 - The new Graco Liquid Control PR70 system accurately meters, mixes and dispenses medium-to-low viscosity plural component materials for potting, gasketing, sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling.
Therm-O-Flow 20 series pumps available from Graco
04.07.2007 - Therm-O-Flow 20 from Graco offers good performance with features like NXT, the first smart air motor on the market; melt rates that are at least 60% higher than the leading competitor; and highly accurate heat control. Smooth and finned platens are a
High sanitation diaphragm pump available from Graco
22.03.2007 - Graco’s new 3A sanitary pump is designed to meet the stringent sanitation requirements of the milk and dairy industry; available in 1.5” and 3.0” models.
Reactor E-10 compact/portable proportioner available from Graco
27.10.2006 - Graco's Reactor E-10 is a compact/portable proportioner used to apply polyurethane foam and coatings.
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