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Graco PCF metering system used for PV frame sealing

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Graco  supplied a CheckMate D200 pump with a PCF metering system to meet a client’s requirement for an automatic sealing solution during PV module manufacturing.

The end user, a large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer in Eastern China with an annual output of 300 megawatts used single component RTV silicone as a sealing solution for the module frames. Packed in 600ml hard tubes, the glue was applied manually by workers using a pneumatic gun, resulting in low productivity, increased workload from having to wipe the residue from each module, quality control issues as well as material waste.

The manufacturer sought an automatic sealing solution to improve productivity. The requirement was to bond one PV module (each module has two long frames and two short frames) within 40 seconds, while ensuring the consistency of the bead, avoiding snake head and tail.

With the end-user having switched to 55-gallon drums of material, Graco suggested a CheckMate D200 supply pump with the newest PCF metering system after considering the high viscosity of silica gel and the new packaging. The automation platform was integrated by the Graco distributor.

With Graco’s automatic sealing system, the end user is able to accomplish an output of 2,000 PV modules per day.

Key benefits of Graco PCF metering systems:

  • Ensures consistent material flow through close-loop technology
  • Takes feedback from the fluid stream, and adjusts for changes in material temperatures, viscosities, dispense and robot speeds
  • Can pre-charge pressure and program the robot’s start and stop, which contributes to the good bead
Satisfied with the performance of the entire system as well as the services and technical capabilities of Graco’s distributor, the client purchased four sets of Graco metering systems for their operation.

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