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Greenspan completes the test and commissioning of the SMART project

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June has been an exciting month for Greenspan seeing the completion of more than two years work on a Flood Detection System (28 remote monitoring stations for environmental monitoring) including the supply of sophisticated hydrological and hydraulic models for forecasting flood levels, pond levels and the flow of water through SMART (a 9.7km long, 12m diametre combined stormwater and traffic tunnel), a Public Warning System, a large SCADA System for the control and monitoring of: 12 sets of gates (a total of 31 gates), 7 massive pumps, 2 large debris removal systems and 4 huge gensets.

Greenspan has 17 CCTV cameras and its communications systems for SMART comprise: fully redundant hot standby systems including the use of: VHF Radio, GSM, Fibre, Microwave, Leased line links to ensure that this system works at all times.

SMART means Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel. This project has been featured on the Discovery channels – perfect engineering in assistance with the Malaysian Government.

The purpose of SMART is to store and release flood waters so as to mitigate the flooding of Kuala Lumpur City Centre plus relieve traffic congestion in the city by utilising a section of the tunnel for road traffic.

With the Greenspan designed, fabricated and installed systems SMART cannot operate. Greenspan’s SCADA collects all of the catchment data using high speed radio.

The data is fed into the models which provide forecast river flows at critical locations. Using forecast and real time flows the Greenspan Flood Detection and challenging project.

Tunnel Control System automatically commences the diversion of water into SMART.

By monitoring river flows downstream of the SMART, the SCADA decides when to release the stored water. Greenspan has a large network of peer to peer Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) monitoring and controlling all key sites, Public Warnings (sirens) are activated prior to changes in river flows.

Seven massive pumps dewater the tunnel. Greenspan currently has 14 team members of site including: SCADA engineers, IT and communications engineers, a graphic designer, modellers, field technicians and project managers.

This is the sophisticated system that Greenspan has ever designed in its 13 years of operation and Greenspan believes that there will be a flow on of work in Malaysia as a result of the work undertaken on this exciting project.

The SMART system is the one system where both stormwater and traffic share the same tunnel. The traffic is separated from the stormwater by means of a number of steel gates.

In the event that the floods in the upper catchments result in high flood flows the traffic is evacuated from the traffic tunnel section of SMART, the traffic decks sealed off to the city and flood water is allowed to fill the traffic compartments.

The capacity of SMART to store flood water is 3million cubic metres. Greenspan’s Flood Detection System recently recorded such a flood which would have filled the tunnels and ponds and saved Kuala Lumpur city from flooding.

More details are available with Goyen Controls.

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