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Goyen Go-Co Cleaning Systems to other baghouse owners

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According to Rydalmere Water Heater, the recent retrofit of the Goyen Go-Co Cleaning System at the Rydalmere Water Heater manufacturing plant has been a major success.

The Go-Co system installation was a retrofit of a six year old baghouse attached to one of Goyen’s mainm shotblast lines. Rheem found the overhaul necessary due to increasing problems with dust pollution affecting buildings, equipment and employee motor vehicles. The cost efficiency of the existing baghouse was also under question.

During the 12 months prior to the retrofit, maintenance personnel made several attempts to solve the problems, including installation of new filter bags (three times in 12 months), and adjustments to system air pressures, all to no avail. Higher pressures only increased dust emission, and lower pressures failed to clean the filters.

After three months of service with the Go-Co System the following comments can be made:

  • By using the demand cleaning principle the bag life has been substantially extended – maybe a factor of ten given the reduced number of cleaning pulses the bags are undergoing.
  • Dust leakage during valve pulsing cycles appears to be zero. Recent inspection of the top section of the baghouse revealed no dust carry over whatsoever
  • Compressed air consumption has been reduced by 90% due to use of the demand cleaning principle. (The number of cleaning pulses per week has fallen from 7,200 to 750).

These results indicate a successful retrofit and all other baghouses on site are currently being
reviewed for similar upgrade.

Rydalmere Water Heater has no hesitation to endorse the use of Goyen Go-Co Cleaning Systems to other baghouse owners.

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