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Delaware uses Greenspan Analytical Aqualab

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The Delaware State Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Water Recourses, in the USA have recently placed a review article on their website discussing an ongoing water monitoring project which involves the use of the Greenspan Analytical Aqualab.

The article titled ‘Millsboro Pond Water Quality Monitoring Station’ reviews the features and benefits of the using the recently acquired Greenspan Analytical Aqualab.

The Aqualab is used to monitor the nutrient loadings in the Millsboro Pond which drains a large area of 38,350 acres of land. The Aqualab also assists Delaware in documenting their progress toward meeting the TMDL standards.

The TMDL is the maximum daily amount of a pollutant that a body of water can absorb without violating water quality standards.

Throughout the years, Millsboro Pond water monitoring station has been part of projects assessing the nutrient concentrations and loads in ground water and runoff from the body of water.

Prior to the use of the Aqualab, Delaware describes the time consuming, and inefficient process of water collection. This involved the field personnel physically collecting the water, taking it to the lab, processing, storing and analysing the water at a later date when there was an accumulation of samples.

The delay on testing intended to keep the analysis efficient and economically feasible. This process took place several times a year. Now they use the Aqualab.

The Aqualab has provided Delaware with the ability to use continuous or pre-programmed frequency to suite, in-field monitoring, along with the availability of remote access and downloadable data.

As a result of the opportunities provided by the Aqualab, Delaware is benefiting by saving time, resources and physical labour and state that it provides the with a more accurate estimations of nutrient loading.

More details are available with Goyen Controls.

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