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Gorter Hatches offer roof access solutions by providing roof hatches fabricated from extra thick, high strength aluminium, steel or stainless steel. These are the safest way to access roof areas and are acid dipped and powder coated to provide maximum strength and weather resistance.

Maintenance free roof access hatches
  • Safe and convenient roof access systems
  • Counterbalancing system for assisted opening and controlled closing
  • Weather tight gasket
  • Hold open arm that engages automatically and can be released with one hand
  • Cylinder lock with 3 keys, inside operation
  • Opening from outside with push button, only if not locked from inside
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Flange with predrilled holes for securing to the roof deck, can be installed on any roof type up to 30degree pitch
  • Comes with 5 year warranty

Optional Features of Roof Hatches

  • Fire rating (EI120 - 120mins as per AS1530-4 steel only)
  • Explosion relief release mechanism
  • Lexan glazing
  • Acoustic damping (up to 43db sound reduction)
  • Extra security features (burglary resistant cylinder locks, dual locks, tamperproof bolts)
  • Dual covers
  • Electric operation (24v DC or 230v AC, can be connected to central alarm system and fire/smoke/rain/storm detectors for automatic opening)
  • Can be installed on any roof type up to 30 degree pitch

Specifications for Roof Access Hatches
Roof hatches have outstanding performance when it comes to Insulation value (EN-ISO10077-1/2), Sound reduction (EN-ISO140-3), Wind and water tightness (EN1027/EN1873), Construction strength (EN1026/EN1027), Air tightness (EN 1026) and Snow load EN 1991-1/5). Safety Approval Report (EN-ISO 14122-3) is available.

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