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Gorter now manufactures air tight clean room access hatches and doors

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article image Air tight clean room access hatches and doors

Gorter Hatches now produce and supply air and dust tight access hatches and doors for access to air tight or clean room environments. Standard products are supplied with an EPDM gasket to ensure a tight fit between the hatch and frame. They are manufactured with a closed cell gasket which provides a completely air and dust tight fit.

As well as an airtight fit, clean room doors and hatches are also double leaved and insulated, which minimises heat and sound transfer. Clean room wall and ceiling access hatches and doors are designed for use in dust free environments, but are also suitable in locations where toxic or flammable gasses may build up and need to be controlled.

Gorter supplies many standard sizes of wall and ceiling access doors and hatches, but can also custom manufacture any required size. Standard sizes are 355 x 355mm, 406 x 406mm, 457 x 457mm, 610 x 610mm, 762 x 762mm, and914 x 914mm.

All Gorter wall doors and ceiling hatches are provided with cam locks, piano hinge and stainless steel hardware as standard. They are manufactured from thick, pre-galvanized steel and powdercoated to provide maximum strength as well as resistance to corrosion and any environment. Gorter ceiling and wall doors are manufactured with a double leaved, reinforced door and so do not buckle or warp with extended use.

Although Gorter wall and ceiling hatches and doors are manufactured with many features as standard, optional features can also be added. Optional features including Fire Rating, extra acoustic damping, cylinder locks, Extra Security features, and a patented explosion relief mechanism.

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