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GECA issues Good Environmental Choice certification

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This is a proposal for one’s company to consider Good Environmental Choice certification of the environmentally preferable products or services that one supply.

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) offers an independent environmental certification program. The program follows international practice as defined by ISO 14024, third party environmental certification for products and services.

GECA certification is recognised nationally and internationally for product-based environmental assessment.

The program offers manufacturers and service providers the opportunity to have the environmental credentials of their products certified by an independent authority and provides a simple mechanism for communicating the environmental values of their products and services.

This proposal:

  • Sets out the necessary steps to demonstrate one’s products’ environmental leadership
  • Improves one’s understanding of the Good Environmental Choice mark
  • Outlines the possibilities for increasing one’s international and domestic competitiveness
  • Details a service that delivers rewards to manufacturers who have reduced their products’ ecological footprint

An international practice environmental declaration for the products:

Good Environmental Choice Australia follows the principles of ISO 14 024 and is recognised by international product environmental labelling programs.

It is the representative office of a number of national environmental labelling programs and Australia’s member to the Global Eco-labelling network.

Capitalising on the environmental credentials of the products requires credible, third-party validation of environmental claims; management of one’s green procurement practices; an understanding of the Trade Practices Act; and a marketing campaign that leverages these. GECA can assist in all regards.

The Good Environmental Choice mark is the only certification program that meets international practice for product-based environmental assessment and therefore, offers the basis for third-party assessment and an effective marketing campaign.

Eco-labelling is a unique environmental instrument as its overall objective is to encourage the use of products with a lower environmental impact across their product life cycle.

In this way the powerful forces of commercial market differentiation and greater market access become an important financial driver for environmental performance across an industry sector.

Some of the market forces encouraging the design and supply of environmentally products and services are summarised below:

  • Thirty percent of Australians say they would pay 10% more money for environmentally preferable products, 75% look for environmental performance when they buy and 85% want more environmental information on products
  • Ministerial roundtables, commonwealth, state and local Governments and industry include green purchasing in their environmental management systems
  • Developing an environmental solution for one’s business is about reducing the environmental impact of their products and services and gaining independent validation of this fact
  • The Green Building Council of Australia awards full rating points for GECA certified products in the materials category of the office interiors rating tool
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia is the only certification system in Australia that is recognised by international, products-based, environmental certification programs
  • Assessing one’s products’ overall environmental performance is what the Good Environmental Choice Program does.

If the products and services qualify for certification, GECA provides clear and credible market recognition of this fact, recognition that one can use in promotional campaigns and on every product they sell.

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