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Cooking equipment and dishwashers supplied by Goldstein/Eswood

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Goldstein/Eswood  provides preventative maintenance services for Goldstein” cooking equipment and “Eswood” dishwashers to ensure that equipment continue to function at peak efficiency. Goldstein/Eswood also offer Maintenance Inspection Service contract. This supports quarterly inspections of equipment and minimises breakdowns. Goldstein/Eswood is not directly involved with kitchen design. Goldstein/Eswood suggests designers who specialise in the field and can help clients with expert advice.

Additionally, Goldstein/Eswood builds “Goldstein” cooking equipment and designs “Eswood” dishwashers specifically to suit Australian conditions. The modern manufacturing facility of Goldstein/Eswood in Smithfield, NSW is constructed as per Australian requirements. Goldstein/Eswood also provides training for clients’ staff and other maintenance personnel for maintenance of Goldstein and Eswood equipment. Goldstein/Eswood guarantees to provide spare parts for a minimum of ten years once clients buy machines.

Furthermore, Goldstein/Eswood recommends that all Goldstein and Eswood equipment must be commissioned by its engineers in order to check that equipment has been correctly set up and services are properly connected. This is also essential to validate warranty. This will also help clients in knowing the main features of the equipment and demonstrating its use. Goldstein/Eswood offers technical and spare parts advice on all aspects of equipment selection, installation and use.

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