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RotaTherm debuts in America

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article image RotaTherm demonstration -- fully scalable to production system.

SCAN American Corporation has announced the arrival of the demonstration RotaTherm continuous cooking system, from Australian food equipment manufacturer Gold Peg International , at its test facility in Kansas.

The RotaTherm continuous cooker fuses steam directly with the product to set point temperature, eliminating micro-organisms, while producing a free flowing product with no partially cooked lumps or burn-on.

Designed for processing a range of products from soups to difficult to handle pumpable, viscous, particulate products, the RotaTherm uses gentle agitation in the cooking column, delivering control over both quality and cost.

The demonstration model is a small-scale version of the RotaTherm system mounted on a single skid for ease of transportation, needing only the supply of essential services for installation/operation.

Unique features of the demonstration design include the ability to blend, forward feed, cook, vacuum flash cool, and provide processed product to a filler.

High-grade meat products such as taco meat, pizza toppings and pie filling can be processed with no over or under cooking using this technology.

By-product meat applications can also be processed using the RotaTherm, including pet foods, mechanically de-boned meat (MDM), and fatty trim rendering.

As well as guaranteeing an effective bacterial result, further benefits of the system are:

* Significant increases in yield (through prevention of aqueous and fat separation).

* High productivity.

* No burn-on.

* Long runs/less downtime.

* Fast CIP, high-level control, and automation.

The demonstration skid system offers the opportunity for companies to use the latest technology in steam fusion continuous cooking to trial existing and new products and formulations.

The demonstration model, once the system's advantage is acknowledged, is fully scalable to the RotaTherm production system.

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