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RotaTherm continuous cooking system for shelf stable pet food production from Gold Peg

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A fast growing segment in the international pet food market is shelf stable and chilled meat based product.

This growth is driven by cost and convenience. Primarily, from using meat trim and by-products in the pet food base, and eliminating the expense of cold chain distribution, storage and retail presentation.

The RotaTherm continuous cooking system can produce aseptic, UHT or pasteurized product. This allows the manufacturer to choose an ambient or cold-chain pathway for distribution.

Pasteurised product requires refrigeration while UHT and aseptic products are shelf stable at ambient temperatures.

With the RotaTherm cooker, ingredients are cooked in a single pass by injecting steam into the product as it is being mixed while moving up the cooking column. Meat trim can be blended with chopped vegetables and cereals and is then evenly cooked to specification.

The RotaTherm’s precise cooking achieves high levels of food safety and the physically gentle process maintains the integrity of the particulates for attractive presentation.

With shelf stable products, the manufacturer saves on refrigeration and can reach a wider market; the distributor saves on refrigeration and reduces time delivery pressures; and the customer is purchasing a bacteriological safe product that can be conveniently stored.

RotaTherm systems, designed and manufactured by Gold Peg International , are in operation in many locations around the world.

The RotaTherm direct steam injection cooking systems have been used for the production of pet food for more than ten years.

Food processors are also using RotaTherm systems to produce taco meat, pie fills, processed cheese, baby food and more.

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