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Reciprocating temperature probe upgraded

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article image Self cleaning -- USDA approved.

GOLD Peg International’s self-cleaning temperature probe has been upgraded to achieve longer life, lower operating costs and improved performance.

The GPI reciprocating temperature probe Mk2 (RTP) is a unique design that solves the perennial problem of obtaining accurate temperature reading over extended production runs times.

The RTP can be spool or disc mounted and is compatible with existing pipelines, batch cookers, and vessels.

All product types can be accurately measured with the RTP. It is suitable for difficult 'sticky' products where measurement is hampered by build up on the measurement surface.

The probe is self-cleaning, utilising a reciprocating action to periodically wipe the build up from the measuring surfaces.

The USDA approved Mk2 version delivers more effective and efficient result through a longer stroke providing a more central positioning of the probe and increased component strength and durability.

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