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article image The RotaTherm Continuous Cooking system can process a range of products.

GOLD Peg International designs and manufactures processed cheese cooking production equipment.

GoldPeg is the world leader in direct steam injection continuous cooking equipment. The RotaTherm Cooker is at the heart of their Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking System.

GoldPeg's technological benefits include gains in productivity, higher standards in bacteriological safety, significant improvements in product quality, process flexibility, small footprint and significant reduction in effluent and waste.

The RotaTherm Cooker fuses steam directly with the product while ensuring no burn-on (through GoldPeg proprietary technology design). Management of variable speed agitation in the cooking column ensures there is uniform cooking and minimal particulate degradation.

Initially, cheese processors adopted the technology and were rewarded with significant productivity benefits. Manufacturers of other food applications have been quick to follow.

The RotaTherm Continuous Cooking system is available in various configurations and can process a range of products from soups to heavily viscous products. The range includes dairy desserts/products, processed cheese and mozzarella, processed meats, taco meat, pet food, pie fillings, sauces, soup, baby food and vegetable products.

GoldPeg cooking systems can be found in some of the largest food manufacturing plants worldwide, including facilities in Asia, North America, Australasia, Europe and Japan, with further markets opening.

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